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Cyclops L


Cyclops L Portable pyrometers are a range of premium quality, highly accurate hand-held instruments. Ergonomic single-handed use non-contact thermometers, provide easy, accurate point-and-measure temperature readings.


  • Standard Bluetooth and USB connectivity - Wireless and USB options for communicating straight to a mobile device or PC
  • Rugged instrument casing - can withstand harsh environments for extended periods. Protection against high temperatures as well as bumps and drops.
  • Calibrated and traceable to National Standards - your guarantee of measurement accuracy
  • Built in Route Mode - Methodically execute pre-configured routes to ensure accurate readings and long term data trending
  • Logger software - data trending and analysis to identify on-site trends, improve process efficiency or protect assets and prolong their life cycles
  • Internal Data Logging up to 9999 readings and 9 routes - Onboard storage for single handed operation without the need for a separate storage device
MODELS: CO55L Meltmaster C100L C160L C390L
Measurement Range 1000 to 2000 °C / 1832 to 3632 °F 550 to 3000 °C / 1022 to 5432 °F 200 to 1400 °C / 392 to 2552 °F 450 to 1400 °C / 842 to 2552 °F
Applications Ideal for Molten Metals and Foundry applications Steel, Glass, Refractories, Heat Treating, Semi-conductors Steel, Heat Treating such as welding, tempering, annealing, and semi-conductors Ideal for Reformer and Heater Tubes, Reheat Furnaces

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